NASA, Boeing one step closer to joint Starliner crewed flight to ISS- QHN

NASA headquarters building (Photo: wikimedia commons) NASA and Boeing have completed a joint crew flight test checkpoint review ahead of the first flight of Starliner with astronauts to the International … Read More

Google rolls out Magic Compose beta that uses AI to write messages- QHN

Google has started to roll out the beta version of the ‘Magic Compose’ feature, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to help users write text messages. While in beta, this feature … Read More

OpenAI’s ChatGPT application now available for iOS users in India- QHN

OpenAI’s ChatGPT app is now available for iOS users in India as the Microsoft-owned company has expanded the availability of the app to more countries. The list of new countries … Read More

OpenAI’s ChatGPT application for iOS now expands to 10 more countries- QHN

OpenAI has expanded the availability of its iOS app in more countries. It was earlier launched only for the US market. Users in 11 countries can now download the ChatGPT … Read More

Google’s ‘Product Studio’ to help merchants create product imagery using AI- QHN

Google has introduced a new tool called ‘Product Studio’, which will help merchants easily create unique product imagery using generative AI. The merchants will be able to create product imagery … Read More

AI chatbots to help recruiters automate screening, cut onboarding workload- QHN

As the enterprises of all sizes stare at talent crunch in new-age technologies, especially lack of AI skills, recruitment and hiring platforms like SquaREcruit have doubled down on creating a … Read More

New AI-powered breathalyser for disease sniffs out Covid-19 in real-time- QHN

US researchers have developed a novel laser-based breathalyser that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can diagnose Covid using exhaled breath, an advance that can someday also detect cancer … Read More

New AI model by IBM-NASA designed to help track Earth’s climate change- QHN

Tech major IBM has partnered with US space agency NASA to design a new geospatial foundation model to track climate change on Earth, the company announced in a blog post. … Read More

Cyber alert against Royal ransomware that attacks health, education sectors- QHN

The Indian cyber security agency has issued a warning against “Royal ransomware” virus that attacks critical sectors like communications, healthcare, education and even individuals and seeks pay-off in Bitcoins for … Read More